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06 September 2009 @ 11:05 pm
New Fic: Logical Decisions  
Title: Logical Decisions
Characters: Padma , Mandy, Lisa, Su Li
Rating: PG
WIP/Length: Complete/775 Words
Warnings: May be AU, I don't know.
Disclaimer: JKR named them. Than made them. I wrote them here.
Summary: The 7th Year Ravenclaw girls talk about Neville's DA


“Li, Mandy, Lisa, I’ve just talked to Parvati,” Padma exclaimed as she burst into the Ravenclaw 7th year girls’ dormitory. Her usually composed demeanor was gone; her eyes blazed in anticipation and her caramel skin was flushed in excitement.

“What did she say that has gotten you so worked up?” Lisa asked, looking up from her essay.

“Well,” Padma explained, “You have heard the rumours that have been going around all day, I’m sure.”

“Are they true, then?” Mandy asked, eyes widening.

“Well, I couldn’t quite believe it myself,” Padma continued, “So I asked Parvati what she knew about it. Being a Gryffindor, I figured that she would be likely to know the truth.”

“Padma!” Lisa exclaimed, “Get on with it! Are the rumours true? Is the DA really starting up again?”

“Yes it is,” Padma answered, nodding, “Neville is taking up where Harry left off, apparently. Only this time… it’s going further.”

“Further how?” Mandy asked, trepidation in her voice, “It was illegal with Umbridge. I can’t imagine that the Carrows and Snape would allow it. They won’t even let us learn defense out of book, I highly doubt they’d allow a club where we practice defensive spells!”

“Well,” Padma said slowly, “It’s going to be different. Parvati was talking really quickly, and not very linearly,” she rolled her eyes, “But what I managed to grasp was that they are planning on helping Harry if he comes back here. But, if he doesn’t, then Neville is going to declare a full out battle against Snape and the Carrows on the last day of spring term.”

“But, we’re just barely of age and not out of school,” Li said, “How are we going to fight fully qualified Dark Wizards? It doesn’t make sense.”

“I’m not fully clear on the details,” Padma admitted, “As I said, she wasn’t making so much sense in her enthusiasm, but she said something about foreign spells that Snape and the other Death Eaters wouldn’t know. I guess I’ll have more information after the first meeting.”

“How will you know when that is?” Lisa asked, her essay abandoned in her excitement.

“This,” Padma answered. She pulled out a Galleon and showed it to her roommates. “This is how the DA communicated last time. Hermione Granger put a Protean charm on it so it will warm up when Neville decides on a time for the first meeting.”

“Hermione Granger could do a Protean charm in 5th year? But, that’s NEWT level,” Li exclaimed, “Why wasn’t she in Ravenclaw?”

“That’s what Terry said last time,” Padma answered with a laugh, “But I still have mine, and I’m sure that most other people do as well.”

“You’re going to do it, then?” Mandy asked, “You’re going to rejoin the DA?”

“Well, I was considering it, yes,” Padma answered.

“But, a bunch of school kids fighting Death Eaters?” Li repeated, “They’ll know all sorts of horrible dark magic that we could never even comprehend. Is that even wise?”

“Parvati mentioned something about foreign spells as well as what we’ve learned,” Padma answered, “You know, spells that aren’t approved in the UK yet. Apparently Seamus knows some astounding old Gaelic hexes and Parvati and I know a lot about Indian magic. Isn’t there anything that you know, Li? That your parents or grandparents have taught you?”

“I suppose so,” Li answered, her dark eyes lighting up, “They are mostly household type things, but there are lots of old spells that I’m sure I could research.”

“Wait, you guys are really serious about this?” Mandy asked, “You really think it’s a good idea? I understand that you’ll have all the extra spells, but they can’t really be that much compared to the Dark magic that the Death Eaters can use. It doesn’t seem rational. Think about it.”

“Do you like You-know-who?” Padma asked her friend.

“What? No! Of course not,” Mandy exclaimed, shocked.

“Do you like being told what you can or cannot learn, think or say?” Lisa asked, catching on.

“Freedom of thought and speech and the freedom to learn are immensely important,” Mandy answered, “You know I think that! I… You heard about Seamus”

“Then you can see why this is so important,” Padma said quietly, “We have to fight for these freedoms, for the truth. I don’t know about you, but when that Galleon burns, I’m going to the meeting.”

“As am I,” Li agreed solemnly. Lisa nodded her agreement.

“Mandy?” There was a moment’s silence while Mandy considered, mentally weighing the decision. It wasn’t a logical decision, but it was for the survival of thought and truth.

“Let me know when the meeting is.”




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lynxzpantherlynxzpanther on July 20th, 2010 11:39 pm (UTC)
very awesome. ^.^ I love the Ravenclaw girls, Li in particular. =) It's fun to see how they decided to join.