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11 March 2011 @ 11:06 pm
It's (almost) spring. And I need to do some cleaning. Cleaning of my apartment. Cleaning of my life. Cleaning of my friends list.

Basically, I want my f-list to be more practical. What this means, is that I'm going to unjoin communities I don't post in, unfriend people who don't comment on my journal/whose journal I don't comment on, don't talk to anymore, etc.

Anyway, this post is going to be unlocked because posting it for friends-only would be pointless. If I've unfriended you and you want me to re-friend you, just let me know via email, pm, comment, whatever. If you don't, no hard feelings. I understand. I know that I can be whiny and annoying, and I'm kind of surprised some of you still are friends with me. If all you want is my fanfiction, that's liebesfic and completely whine free.

And, I'll continue with my meme and other important stuff when I feel like it. :D

17 February 2011 @ 07:43 am

Lily/James Games banner

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That's right, my lovely co-mods at mwpp_miscief also run lilyjames_fest and they have been working hard to bring us Lily/James shippers our very own Lily/James Games! Click on the banner above to learn more!
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01 February 2011 @ 09:01 am

if you know who made this banner, let me know

If you want to friend me, leave a comment letting me know how you found my journal, just so I have some idea of who you are. I'll be sure to friend you back :)

If you're looking for my fanfiction, all of that can be found at my fic journal: liebesfic. This journal is where I go on about my life and other random things.
06 September 2009 @ 11:05 pm
Title: Logical Decisions
Characters: Padma , Mandy, Lisa, Su Li
Rating: PG
WIP/Length: Complete/775 Words
Warnings: May be AU, I don't know.
Disclaimer: JKR named them. Than made them. I wrote them here.
Summary: The 7th Year Ravenclaw girls talk about Neville's DA


Logical DecisionsCollapse )

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